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Boosters - They are used to enhance the efficiencies of the game features to help you work easier and faster. You will find the boosters at the bottom right part of the screen. Some ways to get boosters are watching an ad and using droplets.

Characters - There are two main characters in the game Josh and Anna. Josh is a delivery man who drives by with Special Orders in which you can earn rewards and coins by completing them. Anna is an engineer who helps you negotiate to get more contracts when you are selling your company, she's also the one who will guide you in the early stage of the game.

Crew - You can hire crew members and assign them to Ships and get additional bonuses such as Collecting Rate, Ship Speed, and Ship Cargo. You can choose to hire them from these three categories, Docks, Navy Academy, and Professional Navy. Each category has corresponding stars. Note that the bonuses you will get depend on Crew Stars.

Challenges - By completing them you can earn rewards such as droplets, coins, and XP.

Contracts - By selling the Company, we will gain Contracts that will be used to observe marine animals, get bonuses and learn from them. The more contracts you have, the more marine animals you can observe, gain bonuses and learn from!

Oceans - There are 7 oceans in the game in which you need to clean pollution, these are the North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, and Indian Ocean.

Garbage Islands - There are different products on each Garbage Island that you will need to collect such as Plastic Bottles, Masks, etc.

Resources - These are the products that you have collected.

Researches - You will need to unlock a research by finishing up 3D Printing and Recycling to get extra bonuses such as faster collecting rates and the ability to hire crew and access observatory!

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