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UPDATE V 2.0.9

Hello there Ocean Cleaners!

We're back with an update that focuses on fixing the things you were mentioning the most in the poll, comments, and direct feedback. Hopefully bring fun, engagement, and some things that you've liked before. 😊

Update info:

  • Endless IDLE - The game is now fully IDLE. It means that your company will always farm with no time limits. You can get back to the game after a week/month/year just to find a massive amount of stuff.

  • We've got rid of the Online bonus booster (Boss on the Watch) which was contrary to our new approach. The bonus from that booster remains as a default for both when the game is on and off.

  • We've changed the "Night Shift" booster to the "Charge Batteries" booster. You can stack it up to 16h (from 8h). As mentioned, your company will always work but if the batteries are depleted, the production works at 20% and collecting/speed/cargo at 50%.

  • Smoother Ocean's progression - We've noticed that you don't really like to switch Oceans before finishing one first and we want to go with the flow. Oceans challenges are now way easier to finish and you need 100% before you can get to the next Ocean.

We understand that it's a change for newer players but we will definitely bring up more Oceans for all the experienced players soon! Pinky promise ❤️

  • The previous challenge system is back - That's the one thing you guys absolutely disliked and we accept that. The game is for you and we are bringing the system where you have 3 challenges at the same time!

  • Special Order redesigned - Josh's orders will now grant a significant amount of XP and Cash! Completing all three orders leads to the main reward in Droplets, Books, and Boosters!

  • Time of recipes drastically reduced - ⌛ Nobody liked to watch Recycling and 3D Printing that lasted for few hours or so. We've reduced the time of all the recipes by a lot. Launching Boosters should bring you the desired result in just a few moments! ⌛

  • Lower costs - The price of unlocking and upgrading Garbage Islands was reduced yet again. 📉 The tempo and the flow of progressing on the Oceans should be feeling way better now! Let us know what you think!

  • Special offer pop-ups are gone - I know that you guys didn't like when we spammed the screen with those. We've squeezed them into an icon, so you can check them as you wish or not if that suits you better!

  • Less intrusive ADs icons - Ads icons won't be displayed over the UI anymore.

  • Cloud save info - We are now displaying the last time that your save was uploaded into the cloud. That's for all of you out there who change their devices or accounts a lot. ☁️

  • Icons replacement - Within above, we had to reshuffle the icons on the screen. As usual, let us know what you think!

  • Bug fixes 🐛

What's next?

We are looking into delivering our own cloud save system as well as River Cleaning Mini-Game into the game where you will be able to show off your manual skills and compete with other players on leaderboards. 🥇


FERA Games team


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