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UPDATE V 2.1.0

Hooray Ocean Cleaners!

Hope you are feeling well, as fall/autumn is around the corner! We are here with fresh stuff! We've just released the update (v 2.1.0).

Update info:

  • Introduction of weekly tasks - A series of difficult tasks for all of you who overachieve. Now you will get rewarded accordingly! Tasks now have easy and difficult versions - After finishing the regular daily / weekly tasks, a harder version will occur leading to more rewards and faster progression! The tasks generate lots of exp. Thus, they will quicken your account progression!

  • New chests system - There are 3 - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You will get one free Bronze chest a day and one per 4h for a quick ad. To open Silver and Gold chests, you will need Silver and Gold keys. You can get them by completing the daily/weekly tasks and from other sources (such as level-up rewards). Chests will grant rewards on a bit more randomized approach. All the content of the chests is available in the "info" section near them!

  • Redesigned economy of resources - We've changed where your rewards are coming from. We've reduced rewards from other sources while introducing many more hidden in Chests.

  • Chinese language added - Full localization by a native Chinese person!

  • Redesigned path of new players - We've overhauled the start of the game for new players as our current pace was a bit overwhelming. There's now more space and time to learn and enjoy what you've been taught.

  • Cheaper end-game researches - Finishing up the end-game research could be a lot tedious. The resources to unlock them were reduced.

  • Bug fixes

What's next?

We are currently working on both Idle Ocean Cleaner and a new project (which will now remain a mystery). We should be back quickly with a graphic overhaul of the buildings!


FERA Games Team


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