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UPDATE (v 2.2.0)

Update info:

Changed push notifications- 🗒️ We've removed bothering notifications and added important ones. The game will notify you of fresh weekly tasks and send you the last call info before Special Order is gone rather than half of its time. Technical issues with not disappearing tasks are fixed but will be released in the next version!

Renovated graphics of buildings - 🏘️ 🏛️ Enjoy the new animated buildings art style we want to push the game towards!

Charge batteries off the main screen - We've cleared the main screen from the charge batteries. It is available in the boosters tab. The maximum charge time has been changed to 8 hours.

More upgrades available - The number of upgrades on each island was increased from 210 (70 per trait) to 1500 (500 per trait). Ship improvement necessary upgrades were increased as well 70 -> 100, 140 -> 250.

The efficiency meter has been improved - 🌡️ We've tweaked it to be even more precise. It will now be affected by boosters (on the main garbage island screen) - if turbo or collecting boosters are active, it will display such info. The efficiency meter on the Crew Assign window won't be affected by boosters for easier crew management.

Some notification dots have been removed - We've eased the number of non-essential red dots. 🔴

More tweaks for new players' path - 📖 We've got rid of non-essential tutorials as well as made the early progression smoother 📖

Bug fixes

What's next?

We're currently running tests that will help us decide on the IOC future. We've also started a new project which will be potentially revealed anytime soon.


FERA Games team!


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