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  • Krzysztof Poprawa

Update (v 2.3.0)

Hello there Ocean Cleaners! Hope you are having a wonderful winter time. A time of deserved relaxation and calmness after a long year!

Find a cozy spot and take a look at the newest Ocean Cleaner because we've just released the update (v 2.3.0)!

  • Global ocean - We've stepped back from the idea of forcing players to sell the company and move to the next Oceans. Instead, we've introduced one ocean that can handle 50 islands, 30 plastics, packs, and products at the same time! We've moved everyone to the new world, hopefully seamlessly. Let us know if anything is of trouble!

  • More researches - We've redesigned the research tree, some to be more useful, and some to introduce more levels. The costs of researches were also changed so it feels like a steady progression rather than a steep curve.

  • Helicopters - The new technology just flew into the OC world. Send Helicopters to transport plastics from your faraway islands!

  • Cheaper upgrades - Entire economy was redesigned so it feels a lot more fluent. Upgrades became a lot cheaper and more meaningful.

  • Hidden features - We've hidden leaderboards, statistics, the world map, and the progression bar... just for now! They will come back in redesigned form anytime soon

  • Bug fixes

What's next?

We are currently testing a new Mini-Game - River Cleaner where you have to manually act to save the environment! We'll be hosting a poll of this update and hopefully gather as much feedback as we can!


FERA Games team!


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