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  • Krzysztof Poprawa

Update (v 2.5.2)

Greetings Ocean Cleaners!

We are excited to announce our game's latest patch update, featuring several new quality of life improvements based on your feedback!

Here's what's new:

  • Fill all slots: A new research option that allows you to fill all slots on recycling or 3D printing with a single tap!

  • Smart 3D printing: Another new research option that lets you choose a product you want to get and automatically sets up both recycling and 3D printing slots!

  • Research costs visible: All research costs are now visible all the time, making it easier to plan your upgrades.

  • Bug fixes: We've fixed several common bugs to improve your gameplay experience.

Looking ahead, we are working on adding more special events to Idle Ocean Cleaner based on the positive feedback we've received from our players.

In other news, we've also opened up a beta version of our upcoming game, Space Xolony. If you're interested in participating in our open beta program, please send a message to our Community Manager, Rain, at You may also check out the game's website through this link:

Thank you for playing and happy cleaning!

Best regards,

The FERA Games team.


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