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Tasks now have easy and difficult versions. After finishing the regular daily / weekly tasks, a harder version will occur leading to more rewards and faster progression! The tasks generate lots of exp, thus they will quicken your account progression! 

See photos below for some example of the daily and weekly tasks. Upon completing each task, you will earn an XP and a key which you need to collect to open a chest.


The easy tasks are marked with a blue circle icon and the hard tasks are marked with a purple diamond icon. You may also find a button below for Chests which we just recently released.

New chests system - There are 3 types of chests which are Bronze, Silver and Gold. You get one free Bronze chest a day and one per 4h for quick ad. To open Silver and Gold chests you will need Silver and Gold keys. You can get them by completing the daily/weekly tasks and from other sources (such as level up rewards). Chests will grant rewards on a bit more randomized approach. All the content of the chests is available in "info" section near them!


Here's an example of the rewards you may get when you open a chest:

Иллюстрация_без_названия 10.png
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